Student LOGIN Instructions

Desktop/Laptop users
(Recommended for best experience)

1. Click Login on Main page.
2. Enter email and password. (If you have not received these please email us at
3. New users click Start Placement Test. ( Please start Placement Test 2-3 days before your first lesson.
4. Existing members skip step 3.
5. Click the green Join Lesson button.
6. Click Purple Start Video button at start time of the class.
7. First time users will be asked to download the video conferencing software from Zoom, click yes install and follow the prompts.
8. Once video starts minimize the video window with the – icon. That’s it.

Tablet/ IPad/ Mobile devices

1. Download Zoom Cloud Meetings for your device, it’s a free app.
2. Log into Zoom, click Join A Meeting using this meeting link.
3. Once video window starts minimize it by clicking the – icon. That’s it.

(Note for homework and a partial daily lesson review, log into English Tutor Class using the Login button on the Main page. If you don’t receive your login credentials within a few hours of booking a lesson please Email me

Also new users- Login 2-3 days before first lesson English Tutor Class home page and click Start Placement Test.

We will use those results for our first lesson and develop your learning plan.
Problems or questions please email me at